Highlights of Our Lifestyle Shoot with Creations Behind The Lens


For the longest time I’ve been wanting to do a lifestyle shoot in our home to be able to capture precious moments while our baby girl Valentina is still a baby! I had been on the lookout for a local photographer and although I know of many great ones in our area, most of them are pretty pricey. As they should be! Photographs last a lifetime and there’s a lot of skill as well as expensive photography equipment that goes into it. I know this because I recently got my first DSLR camera and have been taking a couple of photography courses myself. Being a on a mat leave budget, I couldn’t really justify spending hundreds of dollars on someone taking pictures of us just chillin’ at home. The thing is, I didn’t only want to have family photos of us in our natural habitat to cherish forever but I was looking for a photographer to work with to help me create content for my social media and my blog. Although I’m very new to the whole blogging world, I know professional photos go a long. Even though I’m starting to get the hang of my new fancy camera, it’s very hard to capture these candid moments yourself. So, I knew I wanted to invest in some professional photos.

I came across some of Sarah’s work and read her story from a fellow mom blogger from Ottawa www.mylittlelambblog.ca

I fell in love with her style of photography and decided to go ahead and contact her. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that her rates we’re very affordable in comparison to other photographers. I booked with her right away!

When Sarah arrived at our home, she was so laid back and made us feel very comfortable right off the bat. She made us laugh throughout the session and had all sorts of great ideas for the shoot. I was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do during a lifestyle shoot but she walked us through it and kept the session going so fluidly, the hour flew right by! She aloud for outfit changes and even offered to help me pick a dress out for V while I changed her. She has a real way of helping you open up, feel relaxed and really just capture you being you.

Here are some of the beautiful images from our shoot.

Our dog Tika wanted to be in every picture!

Sarah told Gabe to lay back and pretend he was sleeping. He took it very seriously.
The look on Valentina’s face after biting into a piece of fruit never gets old.
I’m so happy with these shots because it really shows off our daughter’s nursery.

This picture kind of just happened. We had put Valentina down on floor so she could snap a few pictures of my husband Gabe and I and she caught Valentina in the mirror being all cute with us in the background.

The thing that blew me away with Sarah was that she sent us these highlights of our photoshoot within a few hours after our session! I’ve had to wait weeks before getting a single image back from photographers.

We’ll definitely be hiring Sarah again in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great quality and exceptional service at an amazing price.


Photography stops time and shows you what your world looks like. There is no better way to see your life and remember a moment. – Sarah Rowland