Creating Art With Chalkola

We all know how much kids love to draw. Colouring is one of the first creative activities a child can do to express their artistic side. It’s a part of my daughter’s daily routine and I love to be right there by her side as she scribbles away. It’s a great opportunity for learning as well as I often use colouring time to teach her the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours.. you name it! Doodling of any kind is also key for learning fine motor skills and manual dexterity as early as they can hold a crayon which was around the age of 12 months for my daughter.

Safety is key when it comes to drawing as littles ones love to put everything it in their mouths! Look for products that are non toxic and safe for children. My daughter is two years old and her favourite colouring tools are her Chalkola chalk pens and metallic markers. They are low odour, acid free and xylene free!

Chalkola chalk pens and metallic markers are water based and easily wash off from clothes. They can be used on any non porous surface such as car and home windows, chalkboards, whiteboards and plastic. They simply wipe off with a wet cloth so kids can go crazy with them even if it’s not on paper and it’s a quick and easy clean up!

I also love to use them! I plan on using my Chalkola chalkboard and metallic pens to create a beautiful baby announcement (I am due any day now) and for my social media such as for this Chalkola giveaway on my Instagram To enter, be sure to follow me on Instagram + Chalkola as well as their YouTube channel

Chalkola products can be used for all sorts of fun things at any age such as writing names on wine glasses! The possibilities are endless. Check out for more great ideas on how to use Chalkola products for kids, parents and businesses alike! You can use my 10% discount code when purchasing via their website: JESSIKA10

I hope I have inspired you to have fun creating art with Chalkola!


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